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Information systems for rehabilitation centers and mammography centers

Open information systems for specialized mammology and rehabilitation healthcare facilities, enabling integration with other systems and supporting current modern technological trends. The systems were created as part of the program „ICT a sdílené služby – aktivita Tvorba nových IS/IT řešení, II. výzva“

Information system for rehabilitation

It enables effective management of the plan of rehabilitation procedures, management of all necessary documentation and reporting to health insurance companies.
All in one place.

Thanks to our system, the creation of rehabilitation plans is several times faster than manually searching for free dates. You can compile even a very complicated schedule of procedures with a few clicks in a few minutes. You can devote the saved time to other tasks.

Planning takes into account extraordinary cases, includes capacity management for acute patients. Quick and comfortable changes during workplace closures.
Multi view, clear display of multiple calendars on one screen.

Patient documentation in one place. Convenient management of medical records is essential and the security of this data is absolutely crucial. The rehabilitation system meets both requirements and complies with the GDPR regulation. To make keeping records of the course of care even more convenient, our system suggests common diagnoses and treatment procedures. You can also set your own shortcuts. So you will have the mandatory record ready faster than usual.

Information system for mammography centers

Enables efficient management of all necessary documentation and reporting to health insurance companies with full support of mammology and radiology processes

The information system has extensive functionality, only selected processes supported by our system are listed here:

  • Ordering examinations at mammography workplaces
  • Patient service at reception and registration
  • Performance of screening/additional/diagnostic mammography
  • Performing breast ultrasonography
  • Conducting ductography
  • Performing a biopsy
  • Transmission of examination results
  • System settings, settings of dials and registers ZP

The system also includes functionality for setting up and performing health care billing for mammocenters and for transferring examination results to the central registry of mammography screening.

Together with the mammology system, it is also possible to operate a medical portal for collaborating doctors, which enables ordering examinations at mammography workplaces, entering examination requests, viewing examination results, managing the portal and its users.

Planning and ordering system

Advanced optimization of capacity planning of healthcare facilities and their clinical activities. Web portal for online ordering of patients and collaborating doctors.

The information system has extensive functionality, only selected functionalities supported by our system are listed here:

  • Selection/input of workplace, examination, date, patient
  • Search/create/edit patient
  • View available dates
  • View the monthly calendar
  • Display of the booking calendar - daily, weekly
  • Automatic search for optimal free dates
  • Optimization of examination planning with regard to maximum use of calendar capacity
  • Possibility to create simultaneous reservations
  • Display of unscheduled examinations
  • View the patient's booking history
  • Confirmation of the selected patient's arrival at the medical facility and his inclusion in the queue of the given workplace
  • For incoming patients on a given day, the system enables the display of patient time statistics - arrival, time spent in the waiting room, waiting time

The process of reserving an examination date can take several forms. It can be done by the user selecting a workplace. The system displays a calendar with current availability. Together with the patient, he manually finds the most suitable appointment. By clicking on the selected free place in the calendar, the user is shown the details of the reservation, in which he fills in the remaining mandatory items (in this case, patient and examination) and confirms (creates) the reservation. Booking an examination date can also be done by the user selecting a workplace and displaying available dates for a specific examination. These two inputs are understood in the application as criteria for finding the nearest free dates in the current period. To search for available dates, the workplace and examination must always be selected. The table with the offer of free dates always shows the first free date for a unique workplace-examination pair on each day. By clicking on the appropriate icon in the line of the displayed free appointment, the user will open the details of the reservation, in which he will fill in the remaining mandatory parameter (patient) and save the reservation. In the details of the reservation, you can change the already selected date in a simple way (by selecting from the calendar or browsing the next/previous free date).

Queue management

The system supports processes and functions for calling patients and managing queues of waiting patients.

The system has complex functionality, so here we list only selected functions:

  • Display multiple queues for different workplaces
  • Setting the default connected queue for a specific computer
  • The display of the content of the queue item detail can be defined by an individual template for the given workplace. It is possible to display, for example:
    • the time of the patient's arrival, the patient's check-in by the nurse, the transfer of the patient to another examination room
    • information about where the patient is coming from or where he is being referred
    • individual icons or buttons indicating the meaning of another way of handling the queue (e.g. queues that check in patients without being called)
  • User-configurable queue update interval
  • Automatic identification of an incoming patient using a patient card (EHIC), ID card or RFID card via readers at kiosks.

The patient recall system may use third-party HW and SW components that enable:

  • Visual and voice calling of patients using LCD/LED panels,
  • Playback of television broadcasts, video and other visual presentations when no patient is on call,
  • Displaying a text information line on the LCD panel

Distinguishing the types of rooms to which the patient can be called, both visually and by voice.

Our systems support cloud operation

You have the option of running our information systems on your own devices ("on premise") or you can use our services for running systems in the cloud, where we will take care of the technical operation. The systems allow secure access to external authorized users to order patients, enter examination requests and view examination results.


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