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About us

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ARTiiS (ARTificial intelligence information System) was founded with the aim of developing information systems with applied artificial intelligence. In 1996, it launched an expert system based on neural networks and fuzzy logic. Our experts have many years of experience in project management, in the development of specialized software using artificial intelligence, information systems architecture, quality control of software development, analysis, auditing and information security, including GDPR.

Our areas of expertise

For more than twenty years of operation in the information technology segment, ARTiiS employees have successfully implemented a large number of projects in the healthcare sector, manufacturing companies and the banking sector.

Projects in the healthcare sector were implemented mainly in faculty-type hospitals, with high requirements for quality and investment return on implementation. In terms of scope and complexity, these projects rank among the largest IT projects and include a complete closed unit with expert analysis at the beginning, detailed implementation design and timely delivery of all customer requirements at the end of the project.

Specialization in the field of financial institutions began in 2001, when the development of an information system for credit companies was started. In less than ten years, a banking application was gradually created, which, in terms of functionality, scalability and robustness, can without a doubt be compared with systems of a similar type in the world. In addition to the Czech and Slovak markets, the system was tested in other countries as well.

Since 2015, in the field of manufacturing companies, we have collaborated on the selection and implementation of ERP systems, process analysis and consolidation of financial data within data warehouses.

Project management

Project management of large-scale international projects in dozens of medium and large companies in the field of financial institutions, manufacturing enterprises, trade and healthcare.

Software development

From analysis to final product. Specialization in the development of web applications, data warehouses, Big Data, Business intelligence (BI) and integration platforms. Development of specialized applications in the field of image processing and artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence

Development of specialized systems using artificial intelligence, especially in image processing, classification and prediction.

Audit and design of information systems architecture

Zkušenosti s auditem ICT řešení od enterprise architektrury až po ICT procesy a personální zabezpečení. Návrh enterprise architektury ICT systémů.

Development of new software

The content of the project supported under the program "ICT and shared services - activity Creation of new IS/IT solutions, II. challenge" is the creation of two new software systems that will be innovative and competitive, especially thanks to a favorable price and consideration of the requirements of potential applicants for the systems in question. The project will create a concept of a modern, open information system for two specialized healthcare workplaces (mammology and rehabilitation), enabling integration with other systems and supporting current modern technological trends.

Open technologies

The speed and efficiency of delivering reliable software products is a constant challenge for every software company. Among the traditional software development technologies, we have included the latest versions of open technologies both on the side of the web presentation layer and also for the database layer with efficient and secure data storage.

Services in the field of information technology.


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